At DS&C we specialize in helping you find the facts and deploy them to maximum effect. If you are a company seeking to identify your competitor’s weaknesses, or a political campaign seeking to undermine your opponent’s qualifications for office, we know where to look and how to weaponize the findings.

That’s why we are more than just a research firm. We utilize our investigations to guide our strategic advice, campaign planning, messaging recommendations, competitor analysis, and press interactions. 

With over a decade of experience in corporate and political opposition research, we are uniquely qualified to help you succeed.  DS&C is structured to accommodate projects of all sizes and budgets. 

Steven D'Amico Opposition Research and Coprorate Investigations

About Steven D'Amico

Steven D’Amico is an industry-leading political researcher and strategist with experience from hundreds of races spanning over 40 states. Recognized as an innovator in investigative techniques, he is especially known for turning research into actionable political strategies, often working directly with reporters and writing public-facing materials. He worked tirelessly to bring new technology to research efforts, developing custom software platforms to quickly mine data, identify connections, and track targets. 

His first significant win came in 2006 as part of the Jim Webb for Senate team that broke the now infamous “Maccaca” moment that defeated Senator George Allen and helped mainstream the use of political tracking as an essential campaign tactic. 

In 2011, Steven joined the political action committee American Bridge where he led the group’s investigations targeting Mitt Romney. During this time, he pioneered several innovative techniques to research private companies (especially those off-shore). 

In 2013 D’Amico led a team of 30 researchers targeting numerous races across the country, ranging from U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial races, all the way down to mayoral elections. He became known for his ability to quickly train inexperienced researchers, recognize talent, mentor new operatives, and manage the competing needs of countless races simultaneously.

Leading into the 2016 elections, D’Amico’s team led early preparations targeting the wide Republican Presidential field targeting the likes of Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Ted Cruz. He then led the charge to investigate Donald Trump’s business empire and connections to foreign entities, leading to groundbreaking revelations of his activities.