Case Studies

John Kasich (R-OH)

In 2010 D’Amico was hired as Research Director for the Ohio Governor reelection campaign of Ted Strickland. D’Amico focused on Kasich post-congressional business career, and unearthed examples of Ohio jobs being outsourced to China from a medical device manufacturer on whose board Kasich served. Kasich even took a salary raise the same years jobs were lost. D’Amico then helped lead the effort to find displaced workers, resulting in an advertisement titled “Nilda” which brought a difficult race back into contention. The ad featured the wife of a displaced worker and laid the ground work for the testimonial strategy used against Mitt Romney in 2012.

Mitt Romney opposition research
Charles David Koch Brothers Opposition Research
Chris Smith Opposition Research

Mitt Romney (R-MA)

In the 2011-2012 election cycle, D’Amico led American Bridge 21st Century’s investigations targeting Mitt Romney. The research provided the foundation for advertisements run by Priorities USA (President Obama’s Super PAC) that are credited with helping win the difficult reelection. Among some of the most memorable findings included D’Amico’s discovery of outsourcing at Romney-owned companies in New Hampshire and South Carolina. The information was strategically placed with the Associated Press in advance of the two pivotal primaries to lay an anti-worker foundation prior to the general election.


The Koch Brothers (R)

Before the 2014 election-cycle most members of the political press were well aware of the political activities of oil magnates Charles and David Koch – the Koch Brothers. Less established, though, was the conclusion that the Koch political activities were out of economic self-interest. Surprisingly, the Koch Brothers previously waged a successful media campaign convincing many that their political activity was altruism backed by strong ideological beliefs. It was difficult to convince many political reporters otherwise.

In response, D’Amico and his team set out to prove otherwise.  In early 2013, D’Amico located an obscure archive of materials from the Libertarian Party in which the Koch Brothers were active in the late 70s and early 80s. Opening document boxes that had not been touched in decades, D’Amico’s team located letters exposing the origins of Koch political activity – regulatory enforcement actions taken against their company, and oil price controls. The result was a New York Times front page that for the first time exposed the self-enriching roots of Koch activism, a fact now taken for granted.  

Chris Smith (R-NJ)

In 2008, D’Amico was campaign manager for the Josh Zeitz for Congress campaign targeting longtime Congressman Chris Smith (D-NJ). Considered a longshot race due to Smith’s longevity and the expense of a district that spanned the New York and Philadelphia markets, D’Amico also personally handled the campaigns research needs. Searching microfilm located at The College of New Jersey, D’Amico discovered never-before-reported writings by Smith labelling gay individuals the “anti-Christ.” The news coverage resulted in a successful fundraising push that raised nearly half-a-million dollars for a non-DCCC targeted race, eventually earning the campaign a covered spot on the DCCC emerging race list.