Political Research Services

DS&C was founded with the goal of serving the needs to a wide-spectrum of clients ranging from small-budget local races to organizations and campaigns with budgets in the tens of millions. We offer a wide range of customized services to fit your needs.

Opposition Research Documents

Full Scale Opposition and Self Research

We are proud to offer best in class research services for your political organization  or campaign. Whether you need a comprehensive self-research product to assess your own vulnerabilities, to top of the line opposition research on your opponents political and business careers we know how to get the job done. 

Unlike some research firms, we will present you with a comprehensive research plan that shows exactly what you are getting for your investment, down to every search. And, unlike most research firms, we do not just walk away - all of our clients recieve continued strategic advice on how to deploy our findings. 

DS&C QuickVet

When we launched DS&C, we spoke with prospective clients about their research needs. The results led us to create DS&C QuickVET.

Clients were frustrated by high cost, low quality, and time consuming projects, when all they really needed was a quick review from an experienced, veteran researcher. Conversely, some “budget” firms present a less expensive (but still costly) proposal and deliver little more than a Google search.

Our solution? For a set price of $1,000 DS&C delivers a QuickVET report containing the results of baseline investigative searches. We perform queries for adverse news, criminal filings, civil suits, and business records, and then follow-up on the most fruitful leads generated from the findings. Every QuickVET report includes an assessment of the need for further research. Potential targets include individuals, businesses, or organizations. QuickVET is an ideal product for small budget campaigns, businesses in need of a fast vetting, or large political organizations trying to learn more about an opposing interest.

Opposition Research in progress

Opposition research services

À La Carte Services

We realize that campaigns and organizations are increasingly handling their research in house, a move we strongly support. Our founder, Steven D’Amico, ran an in-house research shop of thirty, and saw first-hand the benefits of supplemental efforts from outside research firms.

Sometimes your research team needs help from an experienced hand for a variety of projects – big or small. For example, your rising star researcher with only a few election cycles of experience could benefit from a second set of eyes on their findings to ensure that no stone goes unturned. They may also need specialized expertise with a complex project; we are known for our international document collection network, as well as our work targeting candidates with financial sector and real estate development careers. Lastly, there are times when your team is at maximum capacity, and you just need an extra set of hands.

As a result, we offer a la carte research services designed to aid your team. Our goal is to help you succeed, so we ensure that our services are priced affordably. Services include:

  • Offshore record collection through our proprietary international         retrieval network
  • Editorial analysis of existing research to ensure all investigative      avenues are exhausted
  • Custom software development for data mining digital sources or scanned document caches
  • In-depth analysis of real estate and business records through our  network of experts
  • Short-term capacity boosts for your in-house research team
  • Creation and population of video databases
  • Researcher or tracking department recruitment and training